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Food Industry Playing Catch Up on Product Sustainability

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Food and beverage companies are beginning to realize the importance of sustainability, with a growing number of companies working to advance environmental and social improvement in product ingredientsmanufacturing, and packaging through to end-of-life. However, the sector as a whole is lagging behind other industries in taking sustainability action and generating the associated business benefits. What steps can these companies take to join the leaders? 

Retailers Including Walmart, Target Influencing Investment in Product Sustainability

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Walmart is the top retailer driving companies to invest in product sustainability, followed by Target, Costco and Nordstrom, according to research released by Pure Strategies in the report, The Path to Product Sustainability. The research, completed in February 2014 with 100 global consumer product companies such as The Coca Cola Company, Henkel and Timberland, finds that retailers, along with corporate strategy and CEO vision, are the primary reasons firms are incorporating product efforts in their sustainability programs.

Lysol maker Reckitt Benckiser shares its sustainability formula

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Successful companies rapidly are bringing sustainability into product development. The Pure Strategies report "The Path to Product Sustainability" uncovers this emerging trend. Research participant Reckitt Benckiser has been at the forefront of this trend and demonstrates the best practices identified in the research. RB is a global health, hygiene and home company with brands including Clearasil, Lysol, Scholl and Woolite.Read More

The race toward better chemical regulation

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Keeping up with growing demands for chemical data using spreadsheets or simple databases will become increasingly unrealistic. Managers need tools that enable them to organize, analyze and make decisions about chemicals and materials in their supply chains and products — and they need to do this quickly and accurately. Read More

Three tactics that make product sustainability leaders stand out

Path to Sustainability

The top achieving companies have shown that there is widespread value to be gained from effective product sustainability efforts. Pure Strategies surveyed 100 global food and beverage, apparel and footwear, home and personal care, toy, and electronics companies involved in product sustainability. We talked to heads, directors, and managers of sustainability from leading companies such as Aveda, Timberland, Henkel, RB, Seagate, General Mills, and The Coca-Cola Company about their efforts to uncover best practices.  

Years of Living Dangerously Conveys Climate Change Science and Drama

Years of Living Dangerously

The gripping new Showtime docu-series, Years of Living Dangerously, tackles climate change with a combination of Hollywood star power, heavyweight scientists, and frontline reporting. Sending big name such as Harrison Ford, Thomas Friedman, Lesley Stahl and Jessica Alba into the field as correspondents to document the human impact of climate change, the series conveys the issue’s urgency with drama and facts. The nine episodes cover topics such as Hurricane Sandy, rising sea levels, upheaval from the droughts in Syria and Texas, deforestation and palm oil in Indonesia, religious beliefs, and renewable energy. An underlying theme is the desire to convince skeptics of the need to act now.

Why paper cups just aren’t greener


The Boston Globe Magazine recently turned to our own Tim Greiner to help explain the trade-offs in determining whether paper or polystyrene cups are the greener choice. It's a great insight into the complexities of life cycle assessments that evaluate multiple environmental impacts. See the full article here – and then follow Tim's example and bring your own mug!

A winning formula: 4 secrets to sustainable chemistry success

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With personal care and home products increasingly in the spotlight, expectations have grown for more sustainable chemicals and formulations. Target, Walmart and states such as Minnesota, California and Washington are demanding that companies take a new approach to managing chemicals in these products. Read the full article on GreenBiz

Water Scarcity: CDP Report Argues for Broad, Locally Relevant Strategies

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Increasingly dire news about the California drought prompts another look at the plea for broad water stewardship in CDP’s 2013 Global Water Report Moving beyond business as usual.  The tactic commonly used by many companies, a blanket water use reduction goal, won’t prepare us for a water-stressed future. Instead, companies need water policies that are locally relevant, risk-sensitive, and far-reaching enough to address their business impacts, risks, and the very real threat that water scarcity can mean to business continuity. Read more

Sustainable Seafood: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Green Fish

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Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss on March 2nd!

One fish, two fish
Red fish, green fish
Sick fish, well fish
Frankenfish, farm-raised fish
Some fish you should not eat
Others that are a treat
From fish caught with a dolphin
To fish caught far too often
A glut of boats in the sea
Some fish caught responsibly
Knowing which are ideal
Helps you enjoy your meal

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